Mariana Risquez surprised Michigan with her Latin-soul proposal

Recently, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Mariana Risquez delighted the state of Michigan with a showcase in which she demonstrated her interpretive versatility. The artist strolled through a long list of Venezuelan folklore sounds, fused with her characteristic pop, soul and rock sound.

The event, which served for Risquez to record his first musical production (CD and DVD), was held in the auditorium of the NextWave Media Lab in the city of Troy. It is an intimate theater specially designed for the creation of this type of products.

“Mariana Risquez’s voice has a combination of strength and melody; The lyrics of her songs talk about many feelings and experiences; The musical arrangements, with the integration of the typical Venezuelan drums, was like a rainbow of unique Latin flavor, “said one of the attendees to the concert of” The new queen of latin-soul “, as her fans and the press Hispanic in the United States.

The musical blunder of the show was composed by Oscar winner Luis Resto (keyboard), Eddie Caraballo (bass and band leader), Pepe Espinosa (drums), Alfonso Reina (percussion), Steve Jarosz (guitar), Mark Byerly (Trumpet)Matt Martinez (trombone), James Hughes (saxophone), Bobby Guzman and Doris Perez (voices).

On the other hand, the ambassadors of the Afro-Venezuelan percussion, Will Mayo and Jeickov Vital, as well as the group Venezuela Tambor y Son, directed by the “criollo” percussionist Alfonso Reina. As master of ceremonies was the renowned exponent of world music, Sean Blackman.

Definitely, this Venezuelan continues making its way in the United States with Venezuela as her letter of introduction. For more information about it, you can follow it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @MarianittaRR.