“ I am an experienced educator, creative artist and prolific multi-genre singer-songwriter vocalist, and I'm fluently Bilingual (Spanish and English). I am highly skilled in writing Top-Lines, arranging and producing vocals,  managing projects, artistic producing stages, performing and creating visual arts “

Mariana will definitely transport you to many levels of energy and moods, from latin dancing, energetic, happy bubbly pop vibe on upbeat tracks to empowering, dinamic, or romantic soft mid tempo ballads, garnished with her own lyrics. Her music is for sure intentional and authentic. 

She also tours and performs powerful shows named "The New Queen Of Latin Soul Live" on different formats that enhance her uplifting soulful vocals. 

Since a very early age, Mariana has represented World Music and Latin World Fusions! integrating different repertoire, acoustic (Americana-singer- songwriter-Folk-Ballads-Jazz Standards) and full band( Latin-tropical, Latin-Soul, Latin-Pop, with Afro Drums!) 

She has worked directly with some of the biggest names in Production Music in Latin America such as Yasmil Marrufo, Luis Romero, Hugo Fuguet, Henry Villalobos, Hildemaro Alvarez, Santos Palazzi, Rodner Padilla, between many many others also around the world. 

An important fact about her, is that she is a committed participant of the Women in Music organizations, and human rights defenders organizations, advocating for radical collaboration and empathy, trying to close every gap in every space needed. Her work as an activist artist has been recognized by different institutions and she was selected by the community to receive the Artista Activista del año Award in 2018 granted for Latinos in Michigan TV. 

 It’s also interesting to know how honored  she feels to belong to the music production and sync & licensing community globally, and how deeply her mentors and teachers has changed her life. 

 Thanks to this knowledge and process she is positively immersed in, she is now officially becoming a music producer, and her catalog is debuting on the national Sync industry this 2022. 

We hope you have the chance to experience the power of her songs,  soul-melting voice and kind, sweet personality which is really captivating.  She is WITHOUT A DOUBT growing as a power house woman in our global music panorama and we can’t wait to listen to each one of her releases starting in May 2022!